Query Boost

The QueryBoost action boosts the relevance of your search results. This action is useful when you want to boost the relevance of a specific documents which match a query.

  • action: The action to perform. This must be set to QueryBoost.
  • query: A query string that will be used to match documents. This query string should use attributes from facet or filters attributes.

Below is an example of the QueryBoost action:

"search_settings": {
"query_rules": [
    "id": "1",
    "conditions": [
        // conditions here
    "actions": [
        // for all documents that match the query, boost the relevance by 2 
          "action": "QueryBoost",
          "query": 'actors:"Dan Aykroyd" OR actors:"Charlie Sheen"',
          "weight": 2

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