Live Demos

Here are some live demos, that show Searchkit used for different use cases.

IMDB MoviesCode (opens in a new tab)5000 Popular IMDB movies
Fashion EcommerceCode (opens in a new tab)Fashion Ecommerce
Geo SearchCode (opens in a new tab)Geo Search Demo with Google Maps
Autocomplete DemoCode (opens in a new tab)Autocomplete Demo for IMDB movies
Server Rendered Next Demo with RoutingCode (opens in a new tab)SSR rendered page with routing configured
@searchkit/api example: Node transforming search state to Elasticsearch QueryCode (opens in a new tab)Example using @searchkit/api to proxy search state through to Node Searchkit which talks to Elasticsearch directly. No need to expose your Elasticsearch API to the public.
Camping Sites SearchCode (opens in a new tab)Camping sites search example that uses nested fields and filters for availability search

Video Tutorials

CodeSandbox Demos

Here are some CodeSandbox demos, that can be used to play around with Searchkit.

IMDB Movies (opens in a new tab)5000 Popular IMDB movies, using Instantsearch.js
IMDB Movies with Next.js (opens in a new tab)5000 Popular IMDB movies, using Next.js
Nested Field Object Model Example (opens in a new tab)Nested Fields Example

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