Refinement Facets
Toggle Refinement

Toggle Refinement

Toggle refinement is a widget that allows you to specify a filter that you can toggle on and off. It is commonly used for boolean values such as "free shipping" or "in stock".


The following document indexed in Elasticsearch:

  "brand": "Apple",
  "product": "Macbook Pro 14",
  "in_stock": true,
  "shipping": 10 

Searchkit Setup

Within facet_attributes:

  facet_attributes: [
      attribute: 'brand', 
      field: 'brand.keyword',  // field must be a keyword type field
      type: 'string' 
      attribute: 'in_stock', 
      field: 'in_stock', 
      type: 'string' 
      attribute: 'shipping', 
      field: 'shipping', 
      type: 'numeric' 


Below is an example of a refinement list that displays a list of categories with React InstantSearch.

import { ToggleRefinement } from 'react-instantsearch';
const App = () => (
  <h3>Only Apple Products</h3>
  <ToggleRefinement attribute="brand" on="Apple" />
  <h3>Free Shipping</h3>
  <ToggleRefinement attribute="shipping" on={0} />
  <h3>In Stock</h3>
  <ToggleRefinement attribute="in_stock" on={true} />  


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