User-restricted access to data

Sometimes, you don’t want your users to search your entire index, but only a subset that concerns them.

Content might be restricted to a specific user as private data, a set of users, a group, or even everybody. Handling access within an index allows to have a fine-grained control over who can search and view what content.

By applying filters on the server side, you can restrict access to data based on the user’s role, or any other criteria.

Add User based Permissions with JWT

Below is an example of how to use a JWT to do role based permissions. This example will use the JWT provided from the client and validate it against the public key provided by Auth0. If the JWT is valid, the user will be allowed to access the API. If the JWT is invalid, the user will be denied access. The JWT will contain the user's role, which will be used to filter via Elasticsearch filters to only return the data the user is allowed to see.

Frontend Changes

In this example we are:

  1. Passing in an auth token header stored within localstorage along with the request
const searchClient = Client({
  url: "/api/search",
  headers: () => ({
    auth: "Bearer" + window.localStorage.getItem("token"),

Backend Changes

In this example we are:

  1. validating the JWT token is valid
  2. decoding the JWT token to get the user's role
  3. using getBaseFilters to filter documents that are only for the admin role
addEventListener('fetch', event => {
// Following code is a modified version of that found at
async function handleRequest(request) {
  const isValid = await isValidJwt(request)
  if (!isValid) {
    // It is immediately failing here, which is great. The worker doesn't bother hitting your API
    return new Response('Invalid JWT', { status: 403 })
  } else {
    const token = await decodeToken(request)
    // role could be admin etc
    const { role } = token
    // This is where you would do your role based permissions using baseFilters
    const body = await request.json();
    const results = await client.handleRequest(body, {
      getBaseFilters: () => {
        // filter documents that must have "admin" in field role
        return [
            bool: {
              must: [
                  term: {
                    role: role,
    return new Response(JSON.stringify(results));
  const response = await fetch(request)
  return response

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