Sort By

Sort By

The sort by widget allows a user to change the way hits are sorted. By default, hits are sorted by descending order of the _score (relevance) but a user can change this at any time. You can choose to display the selected sort option in the widget.

Searchkit Setup

Configure sorting to define the available sort options.

The key is the sort option value and the value is the sort option label.

The default sort option is the first one in the list.

search_settings: {
  // ...
  sorting: {
    default: {
      field: '_score',
      order: 'desc'
    _price_desc: {
      field: 'price',
      order: 'desc'
    _price_asc: {
      field: 'price',
      order: 'asc'



import { InstantSearch, SortBy } from 'react-instantsearch';
export function App() {
  return (
    <InstantSearch indexName="products" searchClient={searchClient}>
          { label: 'Featured', value: 'products' },
          { label: 'Price (asc)', value: 'products_price_asc' },
          { label: 'Price (desc)', value: 'products_price_desc' },


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