Numeric Facets

Searchkit API supports a number of different instantsearch facet components. The following examples show what components are supported and how to add them to your search application.

Below we will show how to setup a field in Elasticsearch to be used as a facet attribute. You will then be able to use the facet attribute with instantsearch components.

Defining a facet attribute

By default, any numeric type field in Elasticsearch will be defined as a numeric type field. the numeric type field is can be used for aggregations.

Read more about Elasticsearch dynamic field mapping in the Elasticsearch documentation (opens in a new tab).

The following document indexed in Elasticsearch:

  "price": 90

Will result in the following mapping

  "price": {
    "type": "long"

The field can be used for facet attributes. In this case, the facet field should be price.

  "facet_attributes": [{ "attribute": "price", "type": "numeric", "field": "price" }]

We need to define the field type as numeric as some of the instantsearch components require stats about the field. With the field type defined as numeric, we generate stats about the field for the instantsearch components.

Then you can use instantsearch components using the price facet attribute.

Instantsearch Components

See the Refinement Facets components on how to use.

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