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Searchkit provides react components out the box which works with the Searchkit GraphQL API. This is ideal if you want to build a quick search experience. However, many do choose to build their own UI with searchkit. Here are some of the points why you may do the same.

Searchkit's React Components help:#

  • Build quickly a Search experience without needing deep React knowledge.
  • Built on top of elastic's open source UI framework.
  • Provides components to provide functionality such as Filtering on keywords, dates and numeric ranges, Paginating, Sorting and searching.
  • View complete demo of the components on the Searchkit's demo site.

With Searchkit's React components, you still can:#

Advantages building your own components:#

  • You want to server-side render (SSR) your search site, an important point for SEO. See SEO tips.
  • You want to use your own styling / UI component framework.
  • Elastic UI Framework is too large to use on a public site.
  • You dont use React (could be Vue, swelte, Swift iOS etc).