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Local Development with Searchkit packages

You can run the example project with locally compiled versions of the Searchkit packages.


  1. Run the make command to link the packages in your terminal
    make link-packages
    This will create a symlink for all searchkit libraries to the examples/next application
  1. In Searchkit root, keep the two following commands running in the background.

    Order of execution matters (needs to be core and then UI). This builds the libraries for example app to use. These commands will also continue to watch for changes and rebuild

    In terminal #1:

    yarn run dev:core

    In terminal #2:

    yarn run dev:ui
  2. Run the next application in local development mode.

    In terminal #3:

    cd ./examples/next && yarn start

    Changes to any of the packages will automatically reload the next example app

  3. Once you applied your changes, you can remove the symlinks:

    make unlink-packages
  4. For your changes, create unit tests for coverage. Its advisable to run unlink-packages (above command) as your unit tests may not work as expected.